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LINK Andrew Yang: Paying for a Universal Basic Income - YouTube

This Country IS great! We ARE progressing economically. But it has come at a cost that our government has blinded itself to. It refuses to recognize the resulting societal degridation. This man is (finally) proposing something that makes sense. But don't take my word for it. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Also, Sam Harris did an interview on his podcast with Andrew Yang.

Highly recommended for folks in economically depressed parts of our country, who voted for Donald Trump, because theyre right to be angry. The cause of our current situation on the jobs front has been diverted away from the chief cause to its much lesser contributors, like globalization, bad trade deals, and immigration issues.

Your thoughts?

SkeptikSeeker 5 June 19

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UBI was originally proposed by Milton Friedman in 1962 in "Capitalism and Freedom" as a replacement for means-tested entitlement programs. It won't be affordable as an addition to current means-tested entitlement programs. I listened to Yang and he seems to understand the issue somewhat, but his proposal for a 10% nationwide VAT is not appealing.


With all the bad stuff that's going on... How can that be great?

I invite you to research it and decide for yourself.


I already know about the tent cities. The inequality. How Amazon and Walmart staff need to claim food stamps because the wages are so shit. I don't need to see it in the flesh.

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