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Free Science Stuff!!

I got this from a friend of mine on Facebook who runs a page called "Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd" It contains a treasure trove of free sciency goodness. Since I can't easily share the link to a FB page to this site, here is a copy/paste. Enjoy.

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Not too long ago I posted a screenshot discussing why it was important to verify information. To my complete surprise – people rebelled against the idea of verifying information. “The Burden of Proof is on the claimant” they cried. This is 100% accurate. The Burden of Proof is always on the person making the claim, if you make an assertion you need to provide supporting evidence.

However, because people either 1) are unable to discern when the evidence they provide is shoddy, 2) have no supporting evidence at all, or 3) are lying-arse liars – it is up to us to look at the claims and the evidence they have provided and verify information for ourselves.

Just because the person has provided some form of information for supporting their idea, doesn’t mean they have met the Burden of Proof. Anyone can link drop information that agrees with their ideas regardless of whether that idea is factually accurate. The Burden of Proof is more than just finding a link or an abstract that kinda-sorta-but-not-really agrees with what you are saying, it's about ensuring the supporting evidence you provide is factually accurate.

Yes, meeting the Burden of Proof is vitally important, but so is verifying the information presented to you.

That being said – not everyone is savvy with verifying information, so I have compiled a list of free educational resources. I encourage you to comment with a link to your favourite resource, tag people in this post, or inbox me if you want further information.

Note: I am periodically taking the list down from the page and updating it. List Updated: 29/12/2017


FREE ONLINE COURSES (Watch recorded university lectures from universities around the world. Classes include ((but are not limited to)): Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Microbiology, Climate Change, Math, Business, Psychology, Engineering, computer programming) (Most free online learning sites have mobile apps as well)

Academic Earth: []
Alison: []
BBC Learning: []
Carnegie Mellon University OLI: []
Coursera: []
edX: []
FutureLearn: []
iversity: []
Khan Academy: []
MIT Open Courseware: []
Open Yale Courses: []
open2study: []
OpenLearn: []
Saylor: []
Stanford Online: []


Bozeman Science

Bunsen Burns


Crash Course Kids:


Everyday Science TV:

It's Okay To Be Smart h ttps://
Khan Academy

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell:

Mastering Organic Chem:


MIT Course Ware:

National Geographic

Periodic Videos

SciShow Kids

SciShow Psych:

SciShow Space:



Smarter Everyday


Yale courses:

IDEAS, INSPIRATION & SCIENCE NEWS (websites which deliver educational content meant to entertain you and stimulate your brain)
American Chemical Society []
Australian Academy of Science []
Australasian Science []
BBC Future []
Big Think []
LiveScience []
IAP - InterAcademy Panel: []
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry []
National Geographic: ...

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Love free stuff. Plus, I love free nerdy stuff. And I love free science stuff!


This is awesome, thanks!

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