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As a professional musician I tend to work with people that follow all kinds of crazy belief systems. The one unifying factor is that I'm often the only atheist agnostic wherever I'm working. I'm curious as to how many others work in fields that seem to have a predisposition to attracting the religious and the spiritual?

BoneManMack 3 Dec 29

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I'm a wildlife biologist and and I would say that there is a much higher proportion who are non religious than the general public. This seems true of scientists. Most of my colleagues are atheists. We have evidence based view of the world rather than a faith based view of the world so this is not too surprising. I do have some religious colleagues though and I think this has to do with the strong role of culture and upbringing. I grew up in the Midwest but work and live in the Deep South and there are many religious scientists here. It seems we can compartmentalize these part of our thinking. So, some follow an evidences based view in much of their lives but don't apply this in examining their religious upbringing.


Religion is an easy way to answer the really hard questions, just by saying "God only knows".
IMHO Religion is useful in medicine, because the body is so complicated that it is a miracle that we are alive at all, in spite of medical science. Take childbirth for example, science tells us that the sperm fertilizes the egg and DNA does the rest, but when you look at a newborn baby it does make you wonder how something so complicated can be (usually) be produced with no errors.. Maybe music is the same ? Most fields of engineering are very complicated but any errors need to be discovered and corrected before construction begins !


I was surrounded by christians in my real first job... graphic artist. Maybe I was hired because I was attending a catholic Private college. I taught them better... Did 20 years in the Military... all sorts of wacos at both ends of the spectrum there. Many hats had adorned my head. Regular christians alongside atheists doing regular jobs. Even ballroom dancing can attract a religious and spiritual inclined as I had seen. Just like us... religious are working everywhere because god ain't feeding anyone for free.


Get involved in virtually any MLM and you will be smothered by the religious. Go to any of their conventions and they will have a religious service on the agenda that rivals most megachurch productions.


i am a massage therapist, others I have met are yoga teachers, science teachers who are spiritual


I work in tech (IT, web development specifically), and the opposite is true for me. It's far more common to find nonreligious people in my field.


I am an artist and the other day was just finishing my fish fence.2 religious old woman walked past and one said isn't it lucky god gave me those skills. I bit my lip.

what is a fish fence?

Your hours of practice has nothing to do with your skill level!

a fish fence is what you see


I used to design car audio equipment. The engineers weren't especially religious, but the company did most of their hiring through the LDS church. It made for an odd dynamic.


From my earliest "semi-pro" (we'd often work for beer) usually metal bands to my last tour through predominately Renaissance festivals (thanks to "Lucy", my lute, which I at first procured to score my fantasy works) I have usually been the lone agnostic, at least to my knowledge.

It does make me "blend" well, though. I have been a welcome outsider to many pagan and new age communities, treading where abrahamic theists were not allowed. I can't think of a single negative experience...some were the best moments of my life!

There are abrahamic theists in these communities as well, some accepting of us "heathens" and others content with their own minority...and, in all the artistic communities I've been in, "hardcore" abrahamics have always been a minority.

I do try to avoid conversations about beliefs however. Basic explanations too easily turn into long winded dissertations and even diatribes.

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