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I just befriended my Ordained Minister Older Sister in facebook, with all the aggravation and chaos that will bring to my social media life. 'Though she may give me a Pass for Being only Male Sibling Left. She will always be part of me and me part of her so I take my chances... Always the Risk Taker!!!!

GipsyOfNewSpain 8 Dec 30

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If she can accept you as you are, great! But you might have to accept her as she is. I hope you stay friends.

She Ain't Heavy, She is My Sister.


This act may finally give her the enlightenment she has always been seeking, good on you for not giving up on her.

I can't... she was the first one to give me tips how to dressed up for the girls, her thumbs up and down... save me a lot of heart aches at 13. She Raised My Confidence... I Can't.

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