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Perhaps I am being paranoid, and I trust you all to tell me so if I am! But I have had a lot of experience, before the elections, on FB chasing down & calling out "troll" posters, and getting a lot of grief for it too, apparently i struck quite a few nerves ( including hacking my personal email so they could send me hate mail)
And as i read through some of the questions on here, they seem strangely written......the posters question somehow starts with the Assumption that there is something to debate about "gawd". This seems very odd to me, unless you are trying to engage in "saving" agnostics by drawing them into debating aspects of "gawd", and thus legitimizing the concept. I joined this site, as I think most of you did, because you wish to be free of that claptrap!
Are we wary enough?

AnneWimsey 9 Dec 30

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Thats true kinda like hypocracy like if we all believe the bible is fake why argue about certain parts in the book. Its all fake, we want to live a life seperate from all that negativity and hate brought by those believers who would kill to prove his existance. Thats a TESTED fact.


I don't think you are paranoid. I can think of two names right now that I suspect. One I'm waiting for his investment sales pitch, the other is lurking, asking questions with the subtext of Christian conservatism. Remember, even paranoids have enemies!


Feel free to report posts that seem this way.

Admin Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

I see a lot of intelligence on here, but also a lot ofnice people taking posts seriously at face value...assuming they are well-meaning/honest. Oh, crap, I Am paranoid!

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