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Why am I doing this?

Well, less than 17 hours left on the year on the timezone I am in. I accepted an invitation to a friend-date with someone I used to live with. I realized we as lovers celebrated this thing 16 years ago. We stayed friends thru all this time after breaking up like 8 plus years ago. Everytime I visit Maryland is the same Playing with Fire dealio!!! We still argue as a couple despite our separation. We gonna argue tonight and there will be no Harry Met Sally Moment. And if you wonder... yep she is an avid Christian Scientist. I take chances if I like the odds. When we dance there is nobody I rather dance with. She knows that... she is a professional Master after all. I will Lead, I will have a Good Time and I will Return Here. Free of Guilt on the new year... I believe that we both know Love is out of the question but familiarity and romance without any hassle or tail make things acceptable... a little fantasy of what could had been and yet again... we will argue like husband and wife. Wish You All the very best this night has to offer and a Very Outstanding god Free 2018 to All of Us.

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Dec 31

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So I did it... she screamed at me at the phone because she was late and I was neutral about it. She wanted me to panic with her. Once she pick me up I was so upset that did not wore a jacket on 15 degrees weather, She said you are so hot and upset that can't feel the cold... I had already thought she was going to say that so... I bit my tongue look down the window and smile to myself, rest of the evening was without any issues. I don't know what is wrong with religious people except that god thing going on with them. I made it to 2018 in one piece. Now she wants to go to the movies. errr....


Only YOU can answer this. Obviously , you're both getting a payoff from the meeting , or you wouldn't be repeating it.

Familiar can be compelling ...

She was already screaming on the phone prior picking me up.... gonna be a Long end of the year... No payoff on that.

@GipsyOfNewSpain but you still went, didn't you ?

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