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What's it going to take to get a president elected that doesn't believe in a god

I think agnostic idea's might do it..but to claim that there is no god probably won't get it done. I hope I see this in my lifetime but I'm doubtful.

River-david 5 June 29

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A miracle, but of course we don’t believe in them do we?


You gotta have faith. It'll happen. It needs a bit more time.

I thought the reason you were in this site was because you had no faith!

@Marionville Oops!!


We have already had some, they just can't admit it or they wouldn't have become President.


A hell of a lot of education for starters....

However it seems recently that facts don't really matter to them anymore... so unfortunately it will take some kind of really big disaster, caused by man, tha tcoudl have been avoided, to make people start to think real facts are important again.


270 electoral votes


We have a sitting president who doesn't believe in anything but money and power--being a raging narcissist & a pathological liar, he just won't admit it.

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