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Changing Beliefs

Goat 5 Jan 1

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What is one strong belief you had that you thought you could never change?

Goat Level 5 Jan 1, 2018

Okay, here's one. For years I heard black community leaders blame drug addiction and crime in their neighborhoods on lack of jobs and opportunity. I always called bullshit, just because life is tough you don't have to do those things, it's a weakness in the culture. Now, on the news about the opioid crisis , white community leaders in farming, mining, and all types of communities are saying the exact same thing. Lack of jobs and opportunity.hopeless kids on drugs, in crime. If anything, they're handling hard times worse than the black community did. You can have your eyes opened if you are willing to see.

"you thought" implies past tense. I have always had and still do believe in the importance of being active. I had other beliefs in the past but was mostly wishy-washy on their degree. That way I could be flexible enough to change them which I did.

If you ask about present, strong beliefs you will get a different answer.

@JackPedigo Thought is past tense. If you have never been set in your beliefs, that's probably a good thing. If you ask the question, you may want to phrase it differently.

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