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I'm reading the Sam Harris book, "Waking Up: Guide to Spirituality Without Religion." I'd love to hear what others think of this one...

RoadGoddess 7 Jan 1

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Sam has dug deep into meditation. He isn't pushing that it's some supernatural force, and from personal experience, I know there are ways to manipulate your mind, to experience well being. I don't have a way with words like Sam Harris, so I won't try to describe my experience in this short paragraph, but I like him. He seems very reasonable. I agree totally with his thoughts on religion and Trump.


A few days ago, another commenter on this site mentioned that, of the 4 horsemen, she respected Harris least, because of his dalliance with spiritualism. Some people find it difficult to expunge the connotation of mysticism from the word, “spirit”, but in common parlance it just refers to attitude, or mood. Harris is not leaning toward the Woo; he’s just acknowledging that humans have emotions, and we can be victims of them, or learn to manage them constructively.

skado Level 9 Jan 6, 2018
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