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I do not remember the temperature being this hot for such a long time or as cold for such a long period when I was growing up? Is it just me or is the climate change really happening around us?

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This week alone has been the hottest on record since 1889.... yet last winter's snow was the worst on record... these unusual record breaking weather phenomena within months of each other...make you wonder...if something is amiss .(This is just my opinion..further study is required)


Yes, strange as it may sound the environmental scientists are telling the truth about climate change!

It doesn't sound strange to me. They are experts whose careers and reputations are on the line if they lie or get it wrong.


Nah, climate change is just a liberal conspiracy created by Obummer & Shillary. ?

Hope any children you may have had will be able to live through this climate change.

@Marine - It was a joke

@davyjones Thanks for clearing it up. I amsure there are those who believe it.


we've had the hottest year on record for several years now..... yeah it's hot.


It can take thousands of years for climates to change.

But this is happening now during our lifetime. The number of days above 90 has doubled in Ct and the number of days close to zero has also increased by 1/3 And some ridiculas number of republicans deny climate change is occuring.


Of course climate change is really happening. That's a no-brainer.
Whether or not it has anything to do with the weather where you are is moot.

It bis happening world wide now. Man has contributed greatly!


I'm in Ireland. We had a particularly bad winter and now a heatwave. This is what weather was like when I lived in Seattle. Something's up, along with the temperature!


We used to have these things people may have heard of... called spring and summer. I remember when I was a kid, they would say "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" and every year the weather would warm up so that by the end of March the show was gone and it was early spring weather. Now we get snow in May. I have the heat on one day and the air conditioning on the next. One day a few weeks ago we went from the 30's to the 80's in one day. It was nuts. I'd say there's something major going on. Sure there are cycles, but this is the effect of man, as irresponsible and negligent as he is, on the planet.


There are world records of heat being made every year, Colder winters and more snow in area's that wasn't as much before. There is a climate change happening, It doesn't matter if we agree or not. And from things I've read I really don't think at this point,there's much we are going to be able to do about it. I would like to think I'm wrong.


we are having the worst drought in 50 years out here in NM


of course it is


My grandmother's daffodils bloom about 3 weeks earlier than they used to 15 years ago. Daffodils cannot be fooled!


Yes and every other oil and gas company


your republican friend is partially right climate does change but what is happing now is not the normal cycle it is enhanced by carbons and other toxins we released into the atmosphere by human sources
solar may be too late but its worth a try and the oil companies knew this would happen in the 60's but they wanted to make as much as possible first they didnt care

They should be placed in prison for the things they did to increase oil and gas use. They and many other coporations wage to much power over the people.

@Marine I agree they could have made money while trying to develop other means rather than subverting other sources and nuclear plants OMG so dangerous

@Marine like tear out all the train tracks?

@btroje no like help develop solar or wind

@whiskywoman I am saying they organized to do that to maximize dependance on automobile for transportation

@Marine I think they're fat should be rendered for special candles to be burned during oil spills.

@hankster love that


So much so, I live in California. It is now a desert.


I just had a discussion with a republican person who claimed what we are experiencing is nothing more than normal climate swing. He did not believe CO2 had anything to do with the climate and said the 98% of the scientists who claimed it did was just a ruse to use solar cells and wind mills which he stated were to expensive and not efficient enough to replace oil and gas. During the conversation I also found out he opposed research on stem cells, DNA modification, in vitro medication and anything science related. At this point he informed me his church opposed all these things because they aimed at replacing god as the most important aspect of life.If we have a wide population that believes in this manner we are doomed. What is being taught in so many schools is lacking science education. This affects how they believe.

Republicans and science are mutually exclusive

@TheoryNumber3 No s%#t

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