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I watched an interview with a guy the learned alt-right folks listen to Jordan something or other. He said something about christian atheists. He sees the bible and christianity as vital to western civilization regardless of its historical accuracy or the existence of its god.
He also says that some intellectual types rely too heavily on reason, and that this is a weakness. That reason is their god, so atheism is a charade.
He's very smart, and well educated. He's soft spoken and reasonable. These are simply his views.
I think I hate him

JLFowler 6 Jan 1

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I take a similar view of Christianity as I do any other religion or set of beliefs or creation myths that are held by other people around the world. So whilst I don't think organised religion is necessary anymore, it still stands as a historical record, showing us how our society and civilization formed, how it developed a system of values, who used it for good and who used it for bad, etc. If I wanted to learn about an aboriginal culture I would probably take an interest in their creation myths. If I want to learn about my own culture, I might do the same.


Isn't alt right a synonym for racist misogynist white guys? Also, I heard that Hitler used to paint


I am with you JL. It kind of angers me that the super religious seem to think that exesential ideas belong only to the "faiths" that a scientist can't be deep and consider concepts not easily determined through the scientific meathod.

I will concede that Christianity was important in western civilizations development. The first book printed was the bible, so yeah. The church stepped in as an authority after the Roman Empires collapse, ect. But to say its tied to its continued success is stupid. Western Civilization has undergone massive changes over the centuries. No one period has defined it, no concept has defined it.

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