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By Eddiestone3454
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When I was a child I read them as stories just like I did other stories like Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood. They didn't hold any secret truths to me nor were they special to me in any way. I only liked my children's Bible because it had pretty pictures smile002.gif

Fuzzycow37 Level 4 Oct 11, 2017

The Bible is a history book written for the enlightenment of the knowledge elite and the obedience of the masses. Now that the masses have become educated they are no longer so obedient and simply reject the lot as fairy tales, which is their loss because the real history hidden in the books is extremely interesting.

JimEdwards Level 3 Oct 11, 2017

I'm sorry, real history? Like the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, the 5000 year old earth?


Just what they are... stories. Some have lessons to be learned which usually is just plain common sense.

mistymoon77 Level 7 Oct 10, 2017

Stories from the Bible need to be taught but not as life lessons, but rather as literary phenomena that recur in Euro-American intellectual and cultural history.

vertrauen Level 6 Oct 10, 2017

They can be taken as moral and ethical allegories. But they shouldn't be taken as historical fact.

ErichZannIII Level 7 Oct 10, 2017

When I first decided to read the bible Ibwas told not to read front to back and to start with the story of Job- well I ended up reading the bible 3 times total and each time got more and more upset. God seemed like a total asshole while Jesus seemed like a pretty awesome dude- son of god, I think not, but an awesome dude nonetheless.

Ever googled "god is an asshole" some very interesting reads. And yes god seems very much the narcissistic asshole. The bible confirms it

SunnySmiles Level 6 Oct 10, 2017

It's hard giving credit to a bunch of bronze-age goat herders who didn't know where the sun went at night.

LouisD61 Level 2 Oct 10, 2017

I think Jesus was iron age. Was the old testament bronze age? Serious question, not being snarky.

I guess it really was the iron age, but I believe there were couple of stories that could have been from the bronze age, but can't remember which ones.


I didn't vote because I believe there can be some good stories but so much is left up to interpretation. Some stories are historical and taken out of context. I don't mean to be offensive but I thought this was funny..."Reading the bible for morality is like digging through poop for sweetcorn, sure there is a little there but is it really worth it?"

IamFreethinker Level 5 Oct 10, 2017

If it were like Harry Potter, which had good morals and was well-written, sure! But as is, hate, cruelty, and hypocrisy aren't things I would like to see kids learning.

Rory_C-137 Level 3 Oct 12, 2017

I never took those stories as being true.. I always saw them as being the type of story where you are meant to learn something. Like Noah's ark.. that couldn't have happened.. I mean come on!

BrandyLee Level 1 Oct 11, 2017

Can't vote because I don't agree with any of the choices.

pixiedust Level 3 Oct 11, 2017

If you write a few lines in one langue then translate to another, it will not translate as it was wrote, so the bible has been translated so many times it that it can not be anywhere near the truth !

Thomas Level 2 Oct 10, 2017

I abstained from voting because I think they're utter BS and they should be taught AND exposed in either theology or philosophy class.

paul1967 Level 7 Oct 10, 2017

It depends on the stories, what's being taught and who is teacing them.

SamL Level 7 Oct 10, 2017

I voted utter B.S.
If it were so great people wouldn't need to be trying to convince others how great their ridiculous bible based religions are.
If it's going to be taught at all, it should be considered fiction.

Paul628 Level 8 Oct 10, 2017

Heard it all my life. The final lessons we learned, are not always fitting in today's social climate, put them in the same category as mother goose.

ktorch Level 1 Dec 27, 2017

The only thing the bible is good for is kindling. It's not even good fiction.

KKGator Level 8 Dec 27, 2017

There are some really disturbing tales of incest and throwing your offspring under the bus. But a few of them did establish a foundation for my sense of right and wrong. I can see how most people would end up fucked up trying to use it as their only compass.

Cwen Level 4 Dec 27, 2017

Even if they're "good" moral stories they are still tainted by the faith and too liable to be used for indoctrination.

Besides, there are plenty of similar moral fiction for children that in no way could be construed as factual.

That is, I have yet to hear of a single instance where Aesop or Mother Goose were declared deities.

DangerDave Level 7 Oct 29, 2017

Not even fit enough to be called fiction, made up lies by weak minded idiots for weak minded idiots, mass mind control , waste of time and effort to even open the cover of a bible, the most racist and sexist homophobic book ever, time it was banned.

Johnjo Level 4 Oct 23, 2017

Very little true history in buybull stories. No evidence of Moses, Jews being slaves, and no anthropological, archaeological, or biological proof of Jesus. The four gospels contradict each other and there is no written history of the time that mentions a Jesus.

daddy4pugs Level 7 Oct 12, 2017

Teaching stories that rely on magic should not be taught it teaches children to be gullible sheep.

HeathenFarmer Level 8 Oct 12, 2017

A lot of it is passed on folklore from ancient text, like for instance the Epic of Gilgamesh. Many of the books of the bible weren't completed until after Jesus supposedly died, some several hundred years later.

JamesAnthony Level 4 Oct 10, 2017

I've always said that the bible is an instructional manual on how to be good person.

ajr715 Level 6 Oct 10, 2017

a far from perfect one, but at that point its all subjective

new testament more so than old

I don't see how. Both of them are full of cruelty and hate. The NT would be OKAY, except for the joyous threats of hell and damnation for anyone who doesn't believe, but even then, it still promotes slavery, women being beneath men in every way, and so on. It's not much of a manual for being "good" when it still supports so much discrimination and horror.


Having read the Bible I find it is no more a predictor of one's fate then normal social experiences. It does give one insight into the cherry picking various Judeo/Christian people do to justify their believes and actions. I have found it handy to fake a little true believer to avoid wasting my time trying explain my lack of interest in imaginary friends. I don't take this day to day living stuff to seriously and I do sleep well at night.

MuniJohn Level 4 Oct 10, 2017
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