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LINK Financial status, body image mean very little at nudist resorts | Troy Media

I have never experienced a better sense of equality than when I visit the nudist clubs and resorts...

Without clothing to cue people in as to your societal status, people treat everyone else the same way.

snytiger6 9 July 5

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I don’t think you could explain the feeling of freedom to someone who doesn’t feel the desire at all. I mean, look at my photo. Any sexual attractiveness I ever had is gone. If I went to a nudist place it would be for a feeling – a lack of restriction, a couldn’t care less, let it all hang out experience. Some day, not that far off, I will be dead. Strolling around in the nude for a while would make me feel alive. Especially if I got stung in the balls by a nettle.


I wish I had the confidence to join a nudist resort. I mean, I don't actually want to join a nudist resort, just the confidence that I'd need if I DID want to.

They have children and teenagers at those resorts, just FYI. Children and teenagers who visit are also expected to be in the nude in some of them.

@DZhukovin uhhh...I'm not sure how to or if I even should react to this.

@DZhukovin As I have been to nudist resorts, and have talked to kids parents, it is not that kids are expected to go nude, it is more like they get to go nude. The kids look forward to it.

If you are trying to i9mply that it is a ripe environment for pedophiles, you are very wrong. All adults are vigilantly watching out for kids, as it is more of a community than is generally found in today's suburban neighborhoods. If someone is paying too much attention to kids, they are escorted off the premises by at least half a dozen people... but such incidents are very rare.

@snytiger6 Congrats, you just admitted to liking to be around naked teenagers and kids

@DZhukovin Actually, I don't really like to be around kids. What I admitted to was liking going to places where I am free to be nude if I want to be. It is your mind not mine who is making such connections... which says more about you than about me.




But get talking to them and you'll soon find out if you're being judged or not.


I could go to a nudist colony if the rest of the attendees were cats.

@Jezippy Lol right after you liked one of my comments....probably poorly timed

@Jezippy I didn’t think about the claws. That’d be bad.

I have yet to be a nudist club where there wsn't at least one cat in residence.

Most cats belogn to people, but at one club, the cat kind of just moved in and the club kind of belongs to him.

@snytiger6 Good pun

@snytiger6 I had no idea there’d be a resident cat. That’s great.

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