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Would you date someone religious or is that a dealbreaker?

SallyRainey 2 Oct 10

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It's not necessarily an automatic dealbreaker, but the more religious they are, the shorter our relationship is likely to be.


It is a deal breaker when the religious ask me to join in their delusions while I am diplomatic and open to live and let live believers negotiating for love ....AFTER ALL we have religious family neighbors co-workers to get along with and a spouse CAN FIT as others do in our lives


Certainly not a deal breaker, but how she is as a companion matters.


depends on how religious they are.


I have and they are now an atheist, too. The intelligent deluded came be converted.

Done the same myself.

@HeathenFarmer I do not trust women who say they are converting. ....Atheism IS NOT ON THE BUFFET OF FAITHS to put on a plate and diet. ...critical thinking is how Atheism works and we just don't have beliefs for spouses to adopt. ...I am not the least interested how believers fuck or kiss

@GreenAtheist , I don't date mice, I become bored very quickly with a woman that lacks her own opinion or constantly defers to me. I am a dominate personality that has no interest in being with someone I can dominate. So, you may not like the word converted but that is what happened, she woke up.

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