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Atheist presidents

Does anyone else think Bernie Sanders is most probably an atheist and also there is a good chance Obama and Trump are probably closet atheists also. At what stage will it be acceptable for the United States to have an non christian as leader and chief

MarkTangney88 3 July 8

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Many countries have atheist leaders the United States will not have an atheist leader that can admit they are an atheist until enough people become logical and rational and religion is no longer a driving force in our country

Hopefully that day not to far into the future


I think the answer is when the Religious Right is shown to be as hypocritical and corrupt as they are, and the common people wise up and see through the charade.

Our millennial voters are having kids, so I believe within the next generation, an openly agnostic leader could become a reality. It starts by getting openly agnostic politicians elected to smaller posts first, and building on that.

We are going to see a blue wave of fresh young leaders, starting with this next election cycle. Momentum will build if those who care continue to speak up!

Yes hopefully the world and especially the US badly needs a progressive revolution

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