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My post too long?

I want to post an essay: a light hearted look at Muhammad/Islam. The essay has 5200 words plus several pictures. Printed out it takes up 17 pages. Is that too much for one post?

Bob_Heitzman 4 July 9

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It will get read by someone who is sufficiently interested in the topic, IF it is properly formatted into decent paragraphs and headings. If it's a wall o'text, forget it.

However as others have suggested in this format here on this site, it might be better to post it somewhere else and provide a link to it and have your actual post be a summary. For example if you have a blog site, post it there. Or on Tumblr, or or something.

That way the short, summary version can be discussed / debated and those who want to put in the effort can read the whole thing.


It probably is too long for this media. I would still like to read it -there isn't much about Islam that's humourous to read. Why not try to post it and see if the app will accept it?

Great idea. Will let you know how I make out !

It was too long. Only about half got through. I broke it into three sections and re-submitted. That worked. You can see it in “Religion and Spirituality” (something like that). Title is “ISLAM: THE STRAIGHT DOPE”, Parts 1, 2, 3.

One problem: my write up contained several pictures inserted at key points in the text to illustrate what was being said. The posted version lumps the pictures together at the end of each part, wrecking the context. Kind of but . . . Another thing, my text underlines certain passages for emphasis. The underlines are missing in the posts. Give it a whirl anyway. Enjoy,!

@Bob_Heitzman Will do. Thanks a lot!


Just don't expect people to read it.

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