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Legally Dealing With Christians That Troll

Question is how do you legally deal with christians that are trolling you. Yes I know its best to turn the other cheek, but sometimes they take it to far. For example, Standing outside your front lawn on the sidewalk with sins and yelling jesus loves you or repent to god. Or stalking you in a public area and deciding to preach and when you try to leave they follow you praying out loud claiming free speech. Or constantly leaving cards, bibles, crosses, christian propaganda in your bag, backpack, mail box, in your door even on facebook. I've explained this to the police and they said there was nothing they could do about it. These things have happened to me over the last few decades. Most people i live around know I'm an atheist and troll me when I'm around. Some from my highschool days, some are family, a few times on Facebook, sometimes people look at my tattoos and start trolling me on the spot, calling me a devil worshiper or sinner. I try covering my tattoos when i go out. I know i should keep my religious views to myself now but the damage has already been done its hard to hide. I know some of you guys have had the same issue or similar events, but how do you deal with it, how do you deal with christian Trolling. And i menchon christians cause they are the only ones who have trolled me, no other religion has, exept for a few muslims in iraq but that don't count really and they thought i was a christian lol. I have never touched any of them even though I want to strangle them. So how do you deal with it,

ZoeZzonbie 5 Jan 3

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I just had a thought - what if you sprayed them with a hose? Nothing aggressive; A light sprinkling that, while watering your grass or cleaning your driveway, just happened to soak them. Recording it would be stellar... post it on Youtube and shame them.

You have a lot of people in your corner...


I think I'd move to be honest...

I'm Moving out west I hear there more excepting out there. Can't stay in this bible belt anymore.


Good fencing? Big dogs? It sounds like you are stuck in a true hellhole!
And if they re actually on your property, take pix & we will all tape your winning appearance on Judge Judy!

Oh if i go to court i defiantly will share. Unfortunately I'm in apartments. But when I move I'll be sure to get house with fencing.


So I can’t give legal advice, but here are my thoughts. Unless they are going onto your property, threatening you, injuring you, or getting into your face/blocking your freedom of movement, everything you’ve described is protected speech. The only exception is going to be if it is happening to you at work, because being an atheist is a lawful activity and you could be describing a hostile work environment. Unfortunately that is also very unlikely. My best to you.

Lilie Level 6 Jan 14, 2018

I think the bigger issue is the south still has a huge problem with people of color. These 'christians' will use their 'faith' to shield their bigotry.

I understand what you mean, but its really hard to tell now days. They will be nice one day, stab you in the back when your not looking, then continue being nice as if nothing happens. And when you catch them or call them out its denial, denial, denial for the sake of there public image. Its kinda everywhere and all mixed up.

@ZoeZzonbie A friend of mine who grew up in CA used to say at least down south you could tell who hates you. From what I have read that is changing as it is sometime to the bigot's advantage to conceal their hate. My friend no longer lives in the U.S.

@silverotter11 well yeah, and its all races, Blacks hating Whites, Hispanics hating blacks and Whites, Whites hating Blacks, Hispanics, and Arabs, The poor hate the rich,and vice versa. The christians hate whoever is not in there denomination, most people can't stand the christians, but nobody does this hate out loud its done nice and quietly to not draw attention. I was adopted into a white family so i see it in my family. when people outside my immediate family see me with them i see them frowning whispering, giggling, its funny how there minds blow when you don't follow your stereotype. blacks call you lame if you don't go with the stereo typical status quo, its as if i went with my stereotype then i would be more excepted. I'm moving out of here in may, looking to move to a place that has a lot less religious/racist extremism. A place where the government butt out of private civil affairs, and have complete separation of church and state. A state that has Legalized Marijuana for recreational use, Its hard to find really hard to find, however I am looking at the west coast again, Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska all look so promising.



Went to the lawyer today. they said next time it happens to write down name, time, date, and location, and if I see them video tape them if possible, then come back and they will serve them with a restraining order. they also said the cops should have gave them a warning. so thx guys for the help.

Ps. don't move to Georgia.

Any plans to move out of Georgia? Just so ya know I find the behavior of your neighbors appalling. Stay safe.

@silverotter11 yes stuck with lease until may and then probably move to Illinois.

I've lived in Georgia for several years now. Nobody gives me a hard time about being an atheist. Granted, I don't do much mingling, but if anyone gets in my face with their bullshit, they're going to get chapter and verse about how big a mistake they've made. I don't get why anyone would let these religutards run them off. Then again, I believe in fighting fire and brimstone with facts and actual history.

@KKGator well honestly im leaving cause i don't think the battle can be won. i have no faith in a system that requires faith in its ability to serve my needs. and the majority rules. but im not leaving for me, im leaving for my future as well. what if i have kids in the future, why would i want to put them through the prejudiced, scrutiny of religious bigots and racist fanatics the same way i grew up. No id rather bring my nest to a safer more comfortable location. The reward for fighting the system is just not worth the effort and submission is not an option. So moving is the last option other than to endure defeat.

@ZoeZzonbie You gotta do what ya gotta do. I like the fight. Good luck.


Went to the lawyer today. they said next time it happens to write down name, time, date, and location, and if I see them video tape them if possible, then come back and they will serve them with a restraining order. they also said the cops should have gave them a warning. so thx guys for the help.

Ps. don't move to Georgia.


that's a tough one . move , by the sound of it


Here in Canada what is happening to you is criminal harassment and stocking you could sue or go to the police and they would be charged it may also be considered a hate crime. Sorry you live in such a shithole. You would make a good Canadian you should emigrate.

Never thought about moving to Canada. but if this next place i move to is the same environment then i will have to consider that an option.


I moved. The "wholly" dirty south is generally no place for free thought.


Get yourself another FB & restrict the most obnoxious ones on your primary acct.
I use FB mainly for a particular community and don't like many family or IRL (next door) neighbor types on my list. That is to preserve mine and my family's sanity because who wants to see how much time I spend on this particular topic.

I would also move someplace more evolved first chance I got. Life is too damned short.


Can you come to Australia? I simply can't imagine people behaving like that here.

I so want to visit Australia. Its on my do before I die list.

@ZoeZzonbie We do have our share of religious fruitcakes but they are mostly in the government 😟 and not on the streets 🙂

What does it take to move to Australia? If things go really south here the U.S. I need to find somewhere else. Canada is very close but at 65 I like warmer weather, even summer in Canada is not long enough for me. But I am a bit arachnaphobic and the seasonal changes keeps the critters at bay.

@silverotter11 I don't know what the requirements are concerning immigration: the Australian Government website could probably point you in the right direction. There are a lot of different climate zones. I live in Melbourne, where it is notoriously changeable. Last Thursday was very hot: about 42 C or 107 F. Then in late afternoon there was a lovely cool change with the temperature falling to the mid-20s in minutes. Other parts of the country can have the high temperatures for much longer. Winters in Melbourne are on the cold side, but never cold enough for snow except in the surrounding hills. If you're serious about coming here, message me for more info. Oh, and we do have some pretty big spiders, but they're not all over the place. I think it must be about a year since I last saw a really big one.


There is a line between free expression and harassment. Sounds like at least some of these people have crossed it. What's more, many states have hate crime laws that provide for enhanced punishments when people choose their victims on the basis of a protected status, and religion is one of them.

(Yes, I know atheism is not a religion. But as a practical matter the law has to treat it like one. The reason why is the legal right that a Christian enjoys to freely choose her denomination is the same legal right that you exercise when you identify as atheist.)

If the police will not help you, and it's gotten this bad, you should invest some money and time into getting a lawyer to assist you in preparing the legal paperwork. The cops will be less confused about the degree of rights people have to proselytize if there's a court order requiring these stalkers to leave you alone.

Thx never even occurred to me to get a lawyer. Ill keep that in mind.

my thoughts too


I work with the pious Xtians and I live in a place full of them. I ignore their jesus comments.

tis sounds like a lot more than that.pious comment vs harrassment

They just say ignorant comments. "Jesus is perfect. No one here is." That is when the eyeroll comes out from me.


First step: temporary restraining order.

Second step: lawyer up and file harassment suits.

d_day Level 7 Jan 4, 2018

So you could lawyer up and try a civil suit against the worst of the bunch. Or you could GTFO of that religious stew pot and move to somewhere more sane. I think the later is preferable.

thx I'm defiantly moving

Lawyers are expensive.

Where are you thinking of moving? That is how I solved my bible-belt problem and it was the best thing I ever did, honestly.

@MustardSeed most likely be moving out west the West Coastal states.


Sounds like you need a lawyer. It seems to me if it's specific people you can name who are doing this stuff that you should be able to get a restraining order.

Yes I'm going to talk to a Lawyer this week to see my options if this continues. The bad part is some of them are family.

@ZoeZzonbie Family... ugh. Best of luck.

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