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It's been pointed out here before I'm sure, technology is advancing faster than our politics because politics is poisoned with messianic monotheistic mythology, and because of this fact we may have reached our limit (as possibly all life in the universe has/does) and unless humans can cripple the influence of such ideologies with reason and/logic we may in fact be living in the end times. Just not eschatological defined end times. I actually begin to worry for the grandchildren I have now.

Buketoballs43 5 Jan 5

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LMAO. Technology has always run ahead. Look up what happened during the Dark Ages. Then look up recent research on the ancient Greeks and Romans. If they hadn't been wiped out by nut job religious people our technology would be at least centuries more advanced than it currently is.


Technology has been running ahead of application since at least the Civil War, and it's getting worse. Religion and ideology aren't the problem, it's people exploiting them to control others for evil purposes. And the science of advertising and propaganda is making that ever more effective. I don't know what the answer is, but reason and logic by itself has yet to come up with an answer. Personally I suspect that intelligience like ours might be an evolutionary dead end, it's certainly looking iff right now.


Reminds me of the old book "Future Shock"


technology is advancing faster than sci-fi films even.


'Don't worry. Be happy.' Some people never get to have children at all. I'm ready for the end of times so I can begin the next...whatever it is that's on the other side.

dirt and maggots

@LeighShelton LoL!!!!!!!! Lmmfao

glad i made you smile

@LeighShelton Thanks 🙂


Nothing’s going to eradicate humans, short of a yet undetected asteroid. The question is, how do we want to live? Or, how are our political systems going to evolve..?

I’ve only photos of myself as a baby in the arms of my Great-grandmother, who was known for saying, “There will always be wars.” She undoubtedly feared for my future… Well, here I am. What’s changed? A lot! Population’s increased beyond comprehension, we’ve walked on the moon.. and nations have become closer, if by necessity. We’ve avoided nuclear war, and (for the most part) are aware of our shared dangers.

We’ll not achieve perfection ..until the Borg arrive 😉 ...but we all know better than that. I don’t fear as much for our annihilation, but for further missed opportunities to set a healthier course for humanity. Regarding the institutions of politics and religion, reality has a way of setting in - and denial is futile ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 6, 2018

Well, "The end times" sounds quite religious, but sure, with the speed we kill our planet by money driven motives, we probably will make our world uninhabitable within a few generations. The chances are real that a majority of mankind will not survive that. But humans are flexible, so I don't know if its a reboot or that it will be beyond rebooting. We'll see.

Gert Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

Wow. Well expressed.

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