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LINK White Hole & Multiverse Theory

Older article but a good synopsis on the "white hole" theory from my last post.

"According to the new equations, the matter black holes absorb and seemingly destroy is actually expelled and becomes the building blocks for galaxies, stars, and planets in another reality."

PatrickC 4 July 14

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I added this originally as an example of my response to creationists. Probably should have just listed this as a comment on the last post for reference.

They get excited thinking you're about to agree with them, then you point out that based on this theory, humans are just as capable of "intelligent design" as their god. Sending the building blocks of light through a black hole doesn't take much effort. But also that we don't have any clue what would happen. So we wouldn't know, wouldn't control it, and probably wouldn't be emotionally invested in what happens on the other side.

And that covers omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibelevolent in one swing.

Whether you think this theory has any merit doesn't really matter. I was just offering it as a handy tool when debating creationists.


The multiverse theory is such a joke. It's ridiculous that it's made it into mainstream science. Might as well develop a theory that our universe is inside a marble that an alien is playing marbles with like at the end of Men In Black.. same amount of supporting evidence.


Just because you can express something as a mathmatical equation does not mean that it is in fact reality. I have a feeling they have not been able verify this result.

I talked to an astronomy professor about this years ago, and he told me that despite searching a white hole has never been found.

The math works, but doesn’t match observable reality. That being said, perhaps it’s not observable. It could be that the white holes are in a parallel universe, or it could be (a WAY out there theory) that it is converted to a different form of matter or energy—dark matter or dark energy, for instance.

Agreed. It's a nice theory to use when pointing out the flaws in an intelligent design argument though. That was my original intent with this link. Should have made this a comment on my previous post for reference.

@fiferguy From what I had read (also years ago) the math did not work out. What I had understood was that the matter coming out of the white hole inevitably would force it to undergo gravitational collapse, like a black hole. The only way it works is if you consider the entire universe a white hole. However all this stuff is very confusing. I have read 'a Universe from Nothing' by Lawrence Krause and the idea of a universal constant is really confusing. They only really proposed it to see if it would start a conversation, but it seems to be the best explanation for the current observations.


LOL. Sort of like holes in our inner tube and before long our Universe will be flat.

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