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Hi, are there any Sam Harris fans here? He is coming to Philly soon and would love someone to come along with me!

By legshowoff5
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I love his theories about free will.


Fan, but not in Philly. I enjoy the podcasts.


He's my second favorite horseman; dennet being my favorite. I like Harris and Dennett because they are not abrasive with their views and they generally treat the opposing side with respect. In short, I would LOVE to join you if I were in the area. smile003.gif

Dawkins and Hitchens though... don't care for their disrespectfully, "un-holier than thou" (pun intended) attitude towards their beliefs... "it works, bitches" is an example of why I don't like Dawkins and "religion is insanity" of why I don't like Hitchens

I like Hitchens from way back ..the guy doesn't miss much in the way of a debate. I like the debate with Harris and Chopera


I find he relies too much rhetoric and quips and too little on logic and facts for my taste. smile003.gif


The tickets are usually kinda expensive for my taste... as much as I like him.

Hominid Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

They can sit in the back for 40bucks...but likely this tour will soon be on youtube. I may not go unless someone else joins me.


I'm a total Sam Harris fan, have all his books--but Philly is 650-mile drive from where I live in Kentucky. Ask him if he's coming to Lexington. LOL


I'm a fan. Loved "Waking Up". The notion of multiple consciousnesses residing within our minds us fascinating. Alas, I'm in Kansas and can't make it. Enjoy!


I'm a fan, but not in Philly smile003.gif


I would absolutely LOVE to join you, but I'm so broke! I just had to take out a personal loan to pay my property taxes! smile003.gif And my lifestyle is super lean, I'm not out blowing money left and right. smile003.gif


I just finished his book FREE WILL. It was excellent. He said a lot of things that I have been saying for the last 50 years, sometimes almost word for word. I'm seeing my lawyer Monday about sueing him for plagerism. Just kidding. smile001.gifsmile001.gif

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