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Teaching English in Latin American

I am taking the CELTA course in Monitanita Ecuador. It is a Cambridge University certification to teach English to adults of other languages. It would be great to meet someone interested in doing the same thing.
It feels like a big step for a 60 year old to do alone! It's perfect if you're interested in traveling and meeting real people from other cultures.
Please, if you've taken the CELTA or want to. I'd love to hear about your thoughts/ experiences!

PatrickMyers 4 July 16

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I'm a mite confused here. Your profile indicates you are in Irving, TX. Does this mean you are taking the CELTA with intentions of moving to Ecuador? If so, do you have any experience with living in Latin American countries? Also, why Ecuador?

I taught/tutored English and German as foreign languages in Mexico to engineers and management at various maquiladoras around the country for a couple of years. It was one of the more fun things I've done.

I want to take the course in Ecuador. I want to move to Plato Carmen Mexico.

@PatrickMyers -- Are you talking about Playa del Carmen in QR?

Playa Del Carmen (spell check)

@PatrickMyers -- Gotta love technology. 🙂 I assume you've already been there so I won't belabor how gorgeous it is. Feeling envious about now.


It's a brave move. I wish you every success. I'm afraid to move even though life is fairly routine here.


That sounds like a great way to see the world with a like minded lady. I just graduated eCornell in Nutritional Studies doing WFPB Lifestyle now. Graduated from OSU in 1968 as a Food Scientist. Had a great career & no one believes my age. I'm very active, healthy & everything is a working. Yes, I'm interested.


Tempting, very tempting... but just relocated yesterday to Las Vegas.


That would undoubtedly be a very rewarding experience for you.

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