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LINK Steely Dan - Josie - HQ Audio -- LYRICS - YouTube

One of my favorite bands whom I consider underrated, overall. Steely Dan is a badass band!

Sadoi 7 July 16

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My Mellow Out Favorite Band... Any major dude will tell you!


How to describe the music of Steely Dan? Stylish, sophisticated, what else? And the dreadful nasal tone of the lead singer which was a perfect fit for the songs. What about the embrace of urban excess, the emptiness of modern values. My favourite slice of lyric is in the song Haitian Divorce:
'Now we dolly back
Now we fade to black'
to tell us they are moving on from previous scene and take us forward to the next one.

Really liked "The Royal Scam", "Don't take me alive", "Sign in stranger", "FM, no static at all " and "Everything you did". A perfect weed band for the 70's never gave you a headache but always took you to places. It was another century, really.


I love this band!

LEPeff Level 8 July 16, 2018
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