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Today was my Dad's girlfriends funeral. She died the other day and was 79. It was interesting listening to a pastor pretend he knew her intimately when it was obvious he did not and was working from notes provided by the family. At one point he called her "Virginia", her name is Frances. But that wasn't the most interesting thing. What he said left me disgusted with his views. He acutally said there was more scientific evidence for Jesus's resurection than there was for George Washingtin having been our President. Obviously he is dilusional to make a statement like that.

misstuffy 7 Jan 6

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I gave the eulogy for my dead dad and his preacher was most honest to only cite facts of the congregational history my dad contributed at the very end of ceremonies my sister played a recording of her singing a favorite song of my Pentacostal dad no other Pentacostals were present


Nothing spoils relationships and mortality more THAN LIAR religionists infesting our communities with their incompetent cold blather

His personal views on something like that have no place at a funeral service. One thing I noticed when I was in the ladies room was there was actually a cross hung in there. Makes me wonder if when I die I will get stuck into a funeral home rife with all this religious crap everywhere.

@misstuffy sorry you can't piss or poop without the cannibalistic xians ruling roosts

We can get along with the religious if they are honest respectful of genuine relationships NOT SELLING THEIR FAKE FAITHS

@GreenAtheist It was all so phony. I found the whole thing a put on show for the family. After so many years of being around dead I seriously doubt they are genuinely mourning for the deceased since the dead pay their salaries.

@misstuffy religion is living in denial of reality. ...My mother came once with me to the Unitarian Universalists Congregation in Des Moines ONCE. ...and it was a fair sample of re-worded hymns and hUUmanists sermon poetry philosophy with a short story for the kids before they were sent back to their classes. ...I made zero comments and drove my mom home after the coffee & cookies. ....her only comment was : " nothing was sacref" and said there was no reason to return. ....integrity honesty universal values are sacred to me but mom wanted heaven miracles and confessions. her funeral even my religious sister complained about the ritual and miracle talk WANTING THE EVENT TO BE A CELEBRATION OF 88 YEARS. ...GREEK WORD EULOGY MEANS praise the dead and I was not invited to fill that bill

@GreenAtheist I am so sorry for both your loss and your exclusion from an event that concerns you as much as your religious siblings. I guess the religious thienk we non-believers don't know how to behave at such events, they are worried we will cause a scene and embarrass them.


Hugs to you misstuffy

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