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What is truth?

What is truth? Do you believe we,humanity still in its infancy(Why infancy? Well look around and then watch the can safely say that there is such a thing called universal truth?

AronFajardo 3 July 18

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Truth is what can reasonably be proven using the scientific method. There are truths we have not proven, do know about but until they are discovered and proven they unknowns or suppositions or opinions.


its relative

weeman Level 7 July 23, 2018

Unless in a state of unity, there is conflict which means two positions. Therefore the one cannot acknowledge the 'truth' of the other and if a state of unity exists there is no polar position i.e. no 'it' and 'not it' so all questions no longer exist. Even self awareness is non-existance. Therefore, no 'Truth' can exist.


A lie!


I like the idea of any single truth being the aggregate of all the opinions about the thing in question.


Universal 'truth' is similar to universal 'love'. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

JB4now Level 5 July 18, 2018

Truth (that which is in accordance with fact or reality) would by definition be universal in the sense that we all exist in the same reality and face the same set of facts.

It would never be universally assented to, though, because not everyone's perception and understanding of reality and facts are the same.

The more people understand and are committed to critical thinking, the more their perception and understanding of reality and facts will converge.

  1. "Truth" is something provable in necessary progression, or in a necessary analytical technique. It also has to exist unarically.

  2. Humanity has a long way to go before it understands how to deal with stuff. Look at all the disease, stupid cultural practices, stupid beliefs, human rights issues, war, poverty, environmental pollution, dying animal species, etc. So yeah, it's in infancy, for sure.

  3. Yes of course there is universal truth, and I will prove it below:

    ***Universal truth is by tautology either relative, or absolute. If it is relative, then therein it is absolute, because it will either be something that exists before multiple observers, or it will form a paradox that is only resolvable by admitting that solipsism is incorrect.

    The other alternative is that universal truth is absolute. So therefore universal truth is NECESSARYILY absolute. End of proof, b%tches.***

Can you define 'unarically' please?


"Unarical" is used in the sense that if anything is there, it is going to be detectable.

@DZhukovin Thank you. What is the source of your definition?


Nope. Most of the time, most people wouldn't know the "truth" if it bit them in the ass.
Why else would so many still believe in gods and religion?
There is NO truth to any of that bullshit.

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