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Bigot for the left

In Woody Allen's "Anne Hall", the comic Allen portrays is asked about his politics. He answers reluctantly, "I'm a bigot, um, a bigot for the left."

I know most of us thing a bigot is a fat red-haired cop from the south or anyone with the "southern mentality". The dictionary has only a generic definition with no political/ideological definition.

Are there bigots for the left? Is it just another flavor of authoritarianism, more benign and not particularly toxic?

schway 7 July 27

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Now, after my last comment let's say this, if the left has some bigotry, it pales in comparison to the right where they activity suppress the vote of people of color, cheer the killing of American blacks by police, applaud the poison water in Flint and generally preach hate with their base. No, we are nothing as bad as the right, we have empathy, moral commitment and believe in democracy.


I will say "antifa" is a silly concept used by the right to condone their own bigotry. Yes there are antifacists. I am one. I rate fascists along with child molesters and traitors to the United States. In this vein I believe it perfectly American to challenge all facists at all times and in some instances punching one in the face may be a reasonable reaction. Now, the post supposed there are bigots on the left and yes, some one the left suppress speech, like from that child molester Milo or racist and Nazi Ann Coulter. Instead of suppression they should have let them speak and laugh at them.


There are plenty of bigots on the political left...


Antifa is an example of extreme bigotry - authoritarian, violent, toxic.


Both the right and left have bigots. The right most definitely but it's not impossible for someone on the left to be just as bigoted it's just less frequent. Left leaning bigots might support the rights of women and minorities but will turn a blind eye if men and white people are discriminated against. They are intolerant of anyone that deviates even the slightest from their worldview, branding you a racist and a sexist right off the bat if you don't conform.

@schway the bigots from the left are one of the biggest reasons Trump won so imo they are just as dangerous as the ones from the right.


I have five different bigots in my house. Oh never mind, my wife just told me they are spigots.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 27, 2018

In thinking about it, I guess a person could be a bigot about those who are willfully ignorant. That category would pretty much easily encapsulate pretty much any kind of bigotry from the left.


He was joking.

Woody Allen started his career doing stand-up comedy. I had one of his live albums. Hilarious, he is great at self-deprecating jokes:

"Once again, I tried committing suicide - this time by inhaling next to an insurance salesman."

My insurance salesman father loved that joke.

"Good Lord, why am I so guilty? Is it because I hated my father? Probably it was the veal-parmigian incident. Well, what was it doing in his wallet? If I had listened to him, I would be blocking hats for a living. I can hear him now: 'To block hats- that is everything.' I remember his reaction when I told him I wanted to write: 'The only writing you'll do is in collaboration with an owl.' I still have no idea what he meant. What a sad man! When my first play, A Cyst for Gus, was produced in the Lyceum, he attended opening night in tails and a gas mask."

From Woody Allen's book, "Without Feathers," a gift from my late father.

I loved your Woody Allen excerpts. My favorite Woody Allen Movie is ""Interiors."" It is a great movie unfortunately many people do not understand the dynamic of the movie.

I'm a huge Woody Allen fan, and my favorite of his movies is Deconstructing Harry...but...I just love Mira Sorvino's line in Mighty Aphrodite shown in this clip, especially starting at about 1:20 here:


Hilarious! "I like acting."

Another great punchline by Woody Allen!

@Taladad, @nicknotes

I have a collection of early Woody Allen films.

@LiterateHiker I agree completely. If you haven't seen Deconstructing Harry, don't miss it. It has an amazing cast and is one of his funniest films.

@LiterateHiker So do I. 🙂 And, the "Sleeper house" as it is known locally, is about a 10 minute drive from my home in Colorado.

That is a great collection. Woody Allen films are always fun to watch even if you've seen them before. I've watched "Interiors" 3 times. @LiterateHiker

When Woody Allen was first getting famous years ago, Playboy Magazine did an article on Woody. I remember reading it but I discarded my old magazines years ago when I moved to Florida. @LiterateHiker


The definition of bigot is "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions". That could apply to just about anyone.

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