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Random frustration -- Disappointed after my 8-hour robotic nephrectomy that no one really wanted to talk about the awesome doctors and the FIVE-ARMED ROBOT that saved my life, they just wanted to thank GOD... and offer PRAYERS...

Well, I am cancer free and grateful for you every day, Doctor Moinzadeh @ Lahey Hospital!

Jenelle 6 Jan 10

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I also am life affirming Atheist having traveled to the US Sup Ct defending secular medicine from incompetent theocrats. very glad to read of health snatched away from danger by medical and robot professionals. ....religion injected such venues is @ best idiopathic placebo and worse diverts good after care compliance to delusion and may enable remission WORST prevent patients reporting symptoms of reaction or new maladies


I admit I have no clue what that is, but I will look that up. I am amazed that a robot helped save your life. I am very glad to read you are cancer free. I too, would feel frustrated with all those proclamations for a god that had absoF'Nlutely nothing to do with your health. I sometimes have trouble keeping my thoughts from flowing and would be hard pressed not to tell them all to thank the Doctors and Nurses who had real hands on aid in saving your life.


I hear "five-armed robot" and I can't think about anything else for at least a week!! wtf wrong with people??

And then I hear "cancer-free" and I'm super happy for you!

But I'd rather talk about the robot, seriously. sorrynotsorry

You should see it in action! 🙂

@Jenelle this is probably a lousy thing to say, but I'm kind of jelly that you got to be part of something that is on the laser-cutting-edge of human technological history. Like, there's space tourism, there's five-armed surgical robot, then there's iPhone X. In that order. I'd be talking about it nonstop if it had been me! When I hear about stuff like that I wonder if the pace of tech advancement is ever going to slow down or, is it always going to be special to say "I had robort surgery before robot surgery was cool" or are we at a point where we're always going to have another mind-blowing tech coming over the horizon, so we never get a chance to catch our breath? Anyway that is a seriously cool story you can tell. XD

@Jenelle BTW that hello kidney is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while

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