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If the world we live in is habitable, and hell is fire, then heaven should be freezing cold right?

Bam85 6 Jan 10

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Depends on your religion. In some religions Hades (hell from some other religions), is freezing cold.

It seems religions that arise in desserts have a hot kind of hell, and the religions that originate in cold places have a freezing kind of hell (Hades). Teh religion of the ancient Greeks and Romans originated from northern climates, so they had a Hades instead of a Hell.

in either case, all religiohns tend to see heaven as having a perfectly comfortable temperature, that is if they have both an after life for those who were good and bad. The Greeks and Romans had everyone goiing to Hades regardless of how they behaved in life.


funny. fun fact, hell started out as cold, i don't know when it warmed up, must be inner global warming, lmao


If that's true there is no way I'm going to heaven. I'm so Goddamm tired of cold weather.


While you guys are figuring out if your going to heaven or hell. I'm going to Tahiti


Who's to say that Hell is fire? That's the Judeochristian perception. But what if Hell is ice cold because it's so far South, so to speak? Both Heaven and Hell might be freezing cold, but in Hell, you're naked, and in Heaven, you've got nice warm clothes to wear.

There is no heaven or hell in the Jewish religion

I thought there was just no Hell in the Jewish religion. If there's no Heaven, then what do Jewish people aspire to after they die?


Only on the dark




seems logical to me..maybe halo's are heating elements


I think its room temperature lol jk


If you are agnostic, you should know better that there is no hell or heaven


Didn't someone do the math and show that heaven would be hotter than hell?


well look at the top of a mountain


Logically, yes.

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