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Overpopulation is a symptom of a larger problem: []


It is really hard to imagine the climate change deniers. WTF is wrong with those people except perhaps greed?

They buy into all the propaganda from "their" side.


Destructive capitalism at work. People themselves are not the problem.

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It's all the fault of the ducks and geese. And the groundhogs had a hand in it too.

@SkotlandSkye People have both good and bad qualities. Which one comes out depends on the economic and social system they happened to be brought up in .

@Krish55 Really? Where is this magical society where the overwhelming number of people are good because of the economic and social system in which they were raised? And where is the place where people who are overwhelmingly bad because of the economic and social system in which they were raised?

@SkotlandSkye Easily done! With multitudes of studies, cultural anthropologists have concluded that hunting-gathering societies fit the characteristics in the first part of your question. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have American society with its environmental destruction, warmongering, etc. - and extensive support for Trump.

@Krish55 You're right. There are no predominately good people in the USA. We should probably just nuke the place. Let's check in with the more tribal societies in say, Afghanistan? Oh, look! They all are good and would never consider stoning a woman to death, pushing a gay man off a building to his death, or beheading foreigners. You should probably move to that ideal society and no capitalism to be found! You will love it there!

@SkotlandSkye Afghanistan actually had women's equality in the late 1970s. The US supported the Islamic fanatics who destroyed that. You are projecting the ills of your own Western society on its victims. Your alienation is leading to a racism that ignores history and anthropology.

@SkotlandSkye Afghanistan before US support for Islamic fanatics: []

You think the Islamic revolution in places like Afghanistan was because of the US?
Have you ever been to Afghanistan?
Let me point something out, which should be obvious. The US (and most other countries) will lend political support to stabilizing entities worldwide, even those whose ideologies are less than ideal. That doesn't imply specific ideological agreement, and it doesn't implicate the US in any other country's human rights record.
Stop country for Islamic extremism in places like Afghanistan. We didn't make that happen.

@Jthurston2 You're in denial. Yes you did! Here is a photo of Reagan supporting the fanatics (not the Taliban but their predecessors). They were using terrorism against a secular government that gave rights to women. The US caused the present destabilization and Islamic fanaticism. Read some history to overcome your cultural prejudices: []

@Jthurston2 A fuller history for you on US destabilization around the world: []

I'm familiar with US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other places. I'm also familiar with Blum and his work.
I won't go into why I'm familiar with it.
Suffice to say that just because I disagree with your ridiculous assessment that the US is at fault for the rise of murderous regimes like the Taliban doesn't mean that I have some cultural bias to overcome, or that I need to read even more look-how-bad-we-are drivel from Blum to get there.
Thanks for the link, though.

@Jthurston2 You haven't addressed any of the historical facts that I and Blum have presented. You're sticking to your Political loyalty and Beliefs the same way Islamic fanatics stick to theirs. With such a lack of critical thought, if you were born in Afghanistan, you probably would be Taliban yourself!

@Jthurston2 On another topic, less controversial. I'm learning to play bass myself. Any recommendations?


People suck!

Not people; destructive capitalism. See my reply just above.

@Krish55 Yes, capitalism is growth for the sake of growth, which is the etiology of cancer, but capitalism is not the only way people can be desttructive. We are a very creative species and our capacity for good probably matches our capacity for harm.


What we are starting to find out... All the other things that happen.. insects are surviving the mild winters, hotter/dryer Summers for many.. causing uncontrollable fires... Talking about heat.. around the globe from brown UK, Greece fires, Canada heat deaths... It will get worse


Is anyone really surprised? In general, humans don't care about the Environment or Earth....or any of the animals that live here with us. Instead, they just consume, consume, consume....greed greed greed....breed more humans to destroy more of the environment and use up all the resources.

Humans are not unlike cancer cells....reproducing just to destroy the host.

"They"? Is there something you'd like to tell us? 😉

You are projecting the ills of capitalism on all of humanity. Overpopulation is a symptom, not the cause of the problem.


all good news

weeman Level 7 July 29, 2018

I don't know about that.

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