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To my vegan/vegetarian friends, how do you make your hummus ?

Wildgreens 8 Jan 11

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I buy it because I don't have a garden to grow food


I make it the lazy way: I use canned beans (drained), good olive oil, salt, and pepper. I throw the beans in a mini food processor, add oil slowly til the consistency is right, then salt and pepper to taste. I don’t like garlic; red pepper oil is nice, as a garnish.


To make truly healthful hummus one must soak the Garbanzo's overnight. Drain them (I am told the water makes a great egg replacer) and then let them sprout. You will have to rinse them thoroughly every day but it only takes a couple of days.
I sprout all my beans. This wakens the enzymes, makes the beans more digestible and cuts down on the gas. It also, greatly shortens the cooking time.

Oh, that's interesting. I didn't realize you could sprout the chickpeas — but I am aware that sprouted grains are often considered a healthier choice than the dried grain, so it doesn't surprise me that the same would be true of legumes.


With a lot of chesse and bacon?

And lard for that creamy consistency. (Okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

Why not slit the throat of your pig and fry up the sliced cadaver....not funny to rename victim anatomy

@GreenAtheist because that’s rather gruesome and I’m a bloke with a sensitive palate?

@Gatovicolo no all carnivores are gruesome only humans tell lies about the murdered animals they eat

@GreenAtheist no that would be the vegetarians telling lies about killing carrots.

@Gatovicolo worst possible false touche'

@Gatovicolo plants do "feel" rudimentary pain and some species turn towards daylight for their "food" of photosynthesis. ...eating raw seeds is symbiotic and ecosystem of the human digestive system can be both beneficial and parasitic idiopathically

@GreenAtheist you have zero sense of humor.

@GreenAtheist I don’t see you objecting to tarantula wasps anesthetizing and then planting their eggs on the spider to eat alive. Nature is a harsh mistress and we’re a part of it. You might want to remember that.

@Gatovicolo what urchin thinks murder is funny

@Gatovicolo I teach creationists this very example of alleged "creator" cruelty. make up shit not knowing my long career with American Atheists. ...Kinsey was a wasp scientist branched out into polling thousands of people sex habits. ...vegans are the new kids on the block Paul McCartney is a dud leader for the cause of animal rights, nutritional science and expanding symbiosis

@GreenAtheist make up this shit? Really? I don’t care a thing about your background. Go bother someone else.


pinterest has great recipes for it 🙂 I


Yes! Love it when I can afford it and find it fresh!


I buy mine at the store. :/ I'm a bad vegetarian.

Same here, I found a good one where they don't add sugar!

@ripcurldane I used to get a combination container of black bean & jalapeño hummus and white bean hummus (but I don't know whether they added sugar). It was delicious, but I don't know why it was taken off the shelves. (It was Walmart's Marketside brand.) I like roasted red pepper hummus, too.

@resserts Mine has chilli added too, i like it hot also 🙂

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