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As many readers of this publication likely know, the Christian right calls for: mandatory prayer in school, the abolition of reproductive rights and bans on same-sex marriage, persecution of minority groups, and funding of pseudoscientific studies (such as those that deny climate change and promote intelligent design). Recently, Secretary DeVos instructed her office to remove guidelines protecting the civil rights of transgender students. This is only one of many ways that she and her Trumpian cohorts are ignoring the will of the majority in favor of the theocratic tyranny of the few. By contrast, DeVos’s brother Erik, characterized by critics as a “mercenary” and “war profiteer,” made his mark on US policy through his controversial outfit Blackwater.

zblaze 7 July 31

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We have been in deep fucking trouble for a long time. We began wading out into it in the late 1960s with the Vietnam fiasco and reached the continental shelf with the 2016 election. It is now way over our heads and we need to make some decisions about our own survival.


AmeriKKKa... my thoughts and prayers with ameriKKKa.



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