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I am now 64 and would not have a life without men, however I don't seem to have the same need for them anymore as I did when I was younger


I can totally see her point and have recently come to the same conclusion. (Edit: For myself) Much less stress without having to cater to a man interfering with my happiness every day. I'm finally happy and hoping to stay stress-free going forward into my old age. If there is a partner out there who would enhance my life rather than create stress, as has been my experience, I'd be open to sharing my golden years, but for now, I'll agree with Jessie.

It’s such a shame it has come to this. I think it’s down to the ‘me’ generation and the fact we’re bringing marital/relationship problems out into the open. I don’t see a sign of this ideology peaking. I hope the next generation can take a step back and negotiate relationships with something like the ideas of responsibility and contract, if not for themselves, perhaps for the children.

@brentan Abuse in marriages and relationships SHOULD be something people can talk about and free themselves from. For the children??? I stuck it out until my children were adults. When I informed them I was leaving their father, they said "It's about time, why didn't you do it years ago?!!!" (I was fulfilling my responsibility and contract.)

I fail to see your point about sticking it out in an unhappy unhealthy relationship. I am no longer going to give up "me" to go along with a self centered man keeping happiness from me. For my generation, and certainly this lady's, equality has not always been the norm. Yes, hopefully future generations will get it right.

The "me" generation? You don't feel that a person who has given their life into the control of another shouldn't right that wrong and have the courage to be independent and live a free life? The pendulum swings a little too far in the opposite direction for a while, but that's human nature.

Yes, I have hope there are less self centered men in the world, and one just might cross my path and enhance my life rather than degrade it. Until then, I am happy to be free of the abuse and degradation which has been my experience with men, for most of my life so far.

Sorry for the rant, but for some women, suffering from PTSD due to trauma from a relationship, avoiding relationships with men could be a good prescription for happiness and lowering stress for a longer life. Yes, that might be extreme, but it's a valid point of view for some of us.

@Julie808 I’m sure I deserve your rebuke for answering your personal history with my idealistic generalisations. Sorry!


So I should live forever then.


I understand her point.


I dread to think what brought her to that conclusion.


How can you argue with longevity?

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