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I am sick & tired of all these people asking for prayers to cure cancer or whatever! Your omnipotent, all knowing Gawd caused that cancer, you fool, how blasphemeous of you to question his/her/its wisdom! Be like Job, be grateful Gwds (nasty) self has picked you out for something special. Sorry, but how can I respond otherwise ...........?

AnneWimsey 9 Jan 12

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gott belief is worse than raping children as 2 living popes keep the rapists out of jail. ....prEying to alleged gawds is spitting into the bullet wounds of 17 dead people in Florida right now ....the do nothing alleged bible gods geebush gehobah ghostHoles is prEyed to by Governor Rick Scott a disgusting faggot who has switched political parties and two fake "cover" marriages. ...he is worse than C.U.N.T. Ann Coulter who villifies all us Atheists, scientists and liberation people resisting her fascist oligarchy of criminal theocrats. ....THE PULSE NIGHTCLUB massacre by allah ak bar boy was also a fine example of alleged deities monstrous criminal NEGLECT. ...all parents care givers "creators" have a duty to protect those in their care. ...more absolute proof the utilitarian test for YHWH is a 6000 year 100% FAIL


At 18 months of age my second daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor...came to the US for NYU there was a 7 years old boy who went blind because of a brain tumor...that 7 years old cried and screamed all the time " please turn the lights on I cannot see" I am sitting there hold my baby and fucking mad at the priest that the boy's mom brought to pray for her little boy....and I ask what kind of sick asshole that has the "power" attributed to him would let that they can shove their prayers up their theist asses


If they believe that prayer will help, why should it offend you? If I'm sick or someone in my family is sick, and they tell me that they will pray for me, it just means they are thinking about me and what I'm going through. There certainly is no harm in that. I think sometimes, as atheists or agnostics, we get offended over things that really don't matter very much. If someone wants to pray for me, I have no problem with that.

No prEyers delay if not deny any useful actions in compassionate situations I AM MORE THAN SICK AND TIRED I went to the US Sup Ct to protect secular medicine from incompetent theocrats who prEy


As someone who recently had cancer surgery, I agree one hundred percent. Later, I visited the Levine Children's Hospital for cancer patients and thought, if there is a god, he is a real sick bastard !!!

Yes the alleged god Jehovah YHWH Jesua Nasoret Ghost Holes has a penis and shrines all over Europe have many alleged "foreskins" amputated prepuce flesh


This is the essence of evil from an alleged personal gawd gott gods.....accepting believing the creation lies must include all pain with pleasure inseparable. ....The JOB bible story is perfect for all illness plagues preventable death rape and birth abnormalities. ...the alleged baby gawd Jesua Nasoret Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes makes Hitler Pol Pot Eichmann TrumpOLINI MUSSolini all correctable children by comparison because OMNIPOTENCE has no limit ALL IS CREATED CONSISTENT with the observed pattern delivered for all time upon us all UNIVERSALLY

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