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LINK Vicente Fernandez - Aca Entre Nos - YouTube

This is the equivalent to country music that you can cry and drink to.

mek7730 7 Aug 1

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This was great. I began feeling sure it was a parody. Now I'm not sure. Here's a translation of the lyrics from Google:

Here Among Us sung by Vicente Fernandez
For showing off
I told my friends
That in love
No pain annihilates me
What to prove them
I forgot your kisses
And they were enough
A few shots of tequila
I told them that I found
With another love
And that in her arms
I was ceasing to love you
I hate you
From the day of your betrayal
And that there are moments
That I have wished until your death
Here between us
I want you to know the truth
I have not stopped worshiping you
There in my sad loneliness
I have wanted to scream
Run out and ask
What has happened to your life
Here between us
I will always remember you
And today, next to me, you're no longer
There is nothing left to confess
That I can not stand
That I am hating without hating
Why do I breathe through the wound
And there is a martyr
There is no doubt that pain is also sung
When you cry you can not
Here between us

It's not a parody, that's a real song. This genre is our equivalent to country music in Mexico. I don't really listen to it as much, but sometimes I give it a listen.

@mek7730 It's not really my cup of tea either, though I can't deny the talent. I don't know much about Hispanic music but I really like Robi Draco Rosa, Ruben Blades and Juan Luis Guerra.

@brentan very fine choices

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