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I live in Spokane WA and do attend the UU Church. The reason? Because the minister identifies himself as a Spiritual Atheist. He is a philosophy major with a Doctorate. Great talks, no religious BS.

sullendarr 2 Jan 12

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I used to go to a UU Church before I moved. It was a positive experience. No UU churches up here in the sticks though.


I am also an Agnostic Atheist minister of the Universal Life Church. I specialize in unusual and non-religious weddings. (I don't attend ceremonies though (except the ones that I have been requested to create.)

Donna Level 6 Jan 13, 2018

I am open minded enough to listen. What is the appeal of UU churches? There is one pretty close to where I live and I have never been to it. Not in any way to cause offense but what do you people get out of it socially, emotional, whathaveyou?

For those of us that were used to regular fellowship, it’s an opportunity to have that interaction without having difficult conversations about your differences in belief/non-belief. If anything, you attend services long enough and you get used to coffee and snacks after service, so there’s that.

@Brio77 there is one by my house, I plan to go this sunday. Will let you know.


To religious for me but I went once it was ok. I wish we could build something like but with no religous overtones

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