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President Trump, made headlines as usual, he called African Nations what they are indeed. But is he right?

President Trump, made headlines as usual, he called African Nations what they are indeed. But is he right? Let's examine the reality of African Nations. Take a Look at British Project Uganda ( Please note the word project). A Ugandan Member of Parliament earns more than a District referral hospital budget. Take a look at Tororo hospital. It gets 200 000 000 UGX = 56 385.68 Dollars. The Member of Parliament earns at least 360 000 000 a year. The population of Tororo District is 552,700 people as of 1 July 2017. Whose lives are on daily edge of death. Well-planned death by those they claim to lead them.

Tororo has 5 Members of Parliament, whose budget is Uganda Shillings 1 ,800, 000 ,000 which is 507, 471.11 USA dollars Each MP. So 444 useless MPs cost Uganda 799 200 000 000 = 225 317 169.44 US dollars. These MPs include Military MPs, Youth MPs, Disabled MP, Women MPs.

Why do they have such? Of what value do they give to a small Foreign entity like Uganda? On addition to this, they carry Medical Insurance that also extends to FIVE members of their Family. They also enjoy a special previlege of 260 000 000 a year = 73 301.39 USA dollars in Foreign Medical Tourism. Now ask yourself, How many Women die everyday due to lack of basics like gloves, electricity, sutures, Analytical Reagents,Diagnostic Reagents, Laboratory chemicals & Lab Equipment; and Surgical and other assorted Medical Consumables.

How many people die every day on Ugandan roads? What's the cost of Living in Uganda? What do these idiots in Parliament have in common with ordinary people? Since 1995, Ugandan shit Constitution has been amended more than five times to favor a piece of shit that have been in Power for 33 years. First, they amended it to remove Presidential Term limits, they have just passed a bill to amend the constitution , to allow this pair of buttocks rule beyond 75 presidential age cap. But in all these amendments, the shit bribes openly in cameras. As a result, Uganda is a rotten failed state. Tribalism, Nepotism, Sectarianism, Theocracy, are all skyrocketing. Younger energetic people are being sold in slavery to Middle East by these very criminals in Parliament, the companies sending them belongs to them.

They have ring fenced the economy, it only belongs to them and their Indian and Chinese corrupt crooks. Lawlessness, miscarriage of justice, land grabbing and evictions, treatable diseases, just to name a few. And this is exactly what's happening across Africa (55 Countries). From Cape Town South Africa Cairo Egypt, From Mombasa Kenya to to Accra Ghana, it's all the same. As a result, we see Africans dying daily on seas, sold on open slave markets in Libya. They run away with hope that tomorrow will be another day. They have given up on their countries because their attempts to resist have cost their loved ones life and incommunicado imprisonment as well as daily police brutality. All these doesn't bother them. Because they are just shitholes like Trump describes them. Then you hear the tiny brains at African Union say what? Where were they when we called on them to save the Black Human on seas and in Libya? Did they even acknowledge our voices? For them, we don't exist anyway.

African Union pieces of shit want apology from Trump and a retraction for describing what they are! On their watch, Africans are dying on seas, on their watch Africans are sold on open slave markets in Libya, on their watch Africans are exported to middle east as fruits.... And now they are vomiting demanding apology.

My friends online, most Americans are telling me to be civil when referencing pigs? They are telling me not to be angry? Why shouldn't I be? Trump has been PRESIDENT for less than a year-- but look at the anger and anxieties across America... yet you have hope and a chance that in four years, you will vote him out and he won't hold on when you send him packing. Project Uganda has been with one piece of shit for 33 years, all hopes and attempts to remove are washed down by it's agents and crooks.

You still enjoy good medical facilities, affordable communications, no Political prisoners, you still enjoy education facilities, infrastructure. There's no single day you ever failed to eat food because Trump is President. It has not happened to you, your Children never failed to get medical attention, simply because you have money but no medical essentials to able the medication. These may be expensive to you, I do agree but they are in place. Your struggle is to find ways to afford them. That's your only struggle.

For us, even if you have money, you still die because what it takes to treat you is not available. These shitholes, even when they have flue--they fly to German, Europe, and indeed US to be checked if they contaminated what they wish other human beings should have. We are being oppressed by blacks in a ...

Humanlove 7 Jan 13

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I honestly don't think The Cheeto in Chief knows any of your points..... I think he just doesn't like countries with brown people. Way too much reading for him to get his little hands wrapped around all that


Perhaps, just perhaps, if colonialism hadn't been forced on so much of the world by white people, the countries which have been labeled "shitholes", would have been able to develop at their own pace and for the betterment of their own people. In any case, for 45 to have used that term to describe them, and express his desire to limit their access, should be appalling to all. His mother was, and two of his wives are, immigrants.


It seems the problems you listed with the African Union are the same problems with Trump and his G.O.P. sheep in the house and senate:. Nepotism, Tribalism, income disparity, corruption and taking away people's Healthcare. Look at statistics on how the USA lines up with the rest of the industrialized world when it comes to life expectancy, infant mortality, etc... . It's not good. The orange douchebag said "why do we keep taking people" from what he called shitholes. It sure sounds like he was talking about the people of those countries, not the governments. Oh, and then he adds we should be getting more "people" from Norway. Perhaps the whitest country in the world. Hell if they came here they would lose their Universal Healthcare. I know conservative Christians from here have gone to Uganda to push their anti LGBT agenda, because they knew they could push it further there. No. Trump is not your friend. His comments were not made out of concern for human rights violations in any country that was lumped into his statement of the entire region.


You seem angry because "Tribalism, Nepotism, Sectarianism, Theocracy" makes these African countries shitholes and you think we don't get it. You are missing the fact that Trump calling those countries shitholes is tribalism, just like the border wall and Muslim ban. Jared Kushner, Ivanka and the repeal of the estate tax are nepotism. That he uses this divisive language to create an us vs them mentality and advance sectarianism and that he has attacked LGBTQ issues and abortion rights and has reinforced "Christianity" at every turn. No one here is arguing that your keywords aren't problems. The problem is that he is calling these countries shitholes to advance the same ideas here that make those places shitholes. No one here thinks America is as bad as Uganda, except for Trump. Maybe some of his supporters as well, since we were so horrible that we had to make America great AGAIN.... The rest of us know America has been great, even if misguided and broken and just don't want him turning us into more of an oligarchy than we are.

Excellent response. Now there is no need for me to respond. Plus you articulated it much better than I could have.


Considering that you are a politically active Ugandan, with many experiences helping your community, It's very interesting to hear your views on Trump. And I do believe you when you say that Uganda has corrupt institutions. It would be the same in most developing countries.

Regardless, the conditions of those countries (corruption, social insensitivity, etc.) shouldn't give anyone license in labeling them "shit holes".

For (1) that label doesn't really help - it is not constructive. He could have been more diplomatic while maintaining his meaning. (2) His use of the term "shit hole" shows him to have a narrow view of the world. A leader's understanding of the world shapes foreign policies. (3) As "leader of the free world" - Hahaha! I can't believe that, by default, he has gained that title. Anyway, as leader of the free world, his job is to find the middle ground in foreign policies so that all parties accept a win-loss situation so that a higher goal can be achieved. And more importantly (4) they are "shit holes" not because they are naturally "shit holes" but because of history.

Although it's good to have a no-nonsense politician, it's better if that politician is also not crass, not an ignoramus and not abusive. Disclaimer: I'm Australian. And despite the flaws of P Keating (an Australian Prime Minister of the 90s), I consider him to be that politician. His insults were incisive without vulgarity - except for when those insults actually required vulgarity.

EDIT: As an aside, I do believe that Trump labelled those countries as "shit holes" not because their infrastructures are "shit" but because the majority of the population is brown.

I agree with your observation, but reality dictates which route we take.


thank you, it makes a difference when one looks at facts sometimes, gets perspective on whats really going on

Yeah, his profile describes his experiences in Uganda. He has certainly lived a life.

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