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LINK After Hiker Takes Picture Atop Mountain with “I Believe in God” Sign, Someone Else Catches Him Littering – Friendly Atheist

I hope he was in one of those ares where it is posted that there is some kind of very high fine for littering. The photo he took is kind of proof that he was the one.

snytiger6 9 Aug 8

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It must be a form of insanity that compels these religious nutters to even think of polluting a mountain top with such crap. How many people does he think will view it on a mountain top? Maybe he thought God would see it as it is closer to heaven, thereby earning more brownie points?


I was yelling at a woman who had dumped over 10 full bags of garbage in a place I walk my dogs, calling her some pretty choice names....she said, "God doesn't want you to talk to me like that". To which I replied, "Gawd doesn't want you shitting all over his world". Then I called the police.


How delightful!

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