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The little book that ignited my consciousness a long time a go....'Flatland'- Edwin Abbott Abbott. I had all four of my sons read it at a young age, and guess what...I've got four young free thinking men for sons. Another book I highly recommend is 'Freewill' - Sam Harris

IronRider 4 Jan 15

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Definitely a worthwhile book, FLATLAND. Another is EINSTEIN'S DREAMS (don't recall the author just now).

@Cindie which one?


My brother has been quoting from The Power of to balance his reading and brain, I just sent him this book based on nothing more than that one sentence. "...I've got four young free thinking men for sons." Thanks! And, welcome to our community!


Ian Stewart's Flatterland is worth a read too.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 16, 2018

I never heard of it!!

@IronRider Well worth tracking down and you'll want to lend it to people you care about. Don't, though - they won't want to give it back and I've lost five or six copies that way, so tell 'em to buy their own.

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