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Are You Empathy-Challenged? Here's Why...

How are your values shaped by the economy and society where you live? [] "Progressives, Socialists, and Black Lives Matter"

Krish55 8 Aug 16

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I saw an interesting video yesterday and it made me think of this post:

She is so interesting to me. I think she has excellent presentation skills and energy. I can't believe this guy needed her to explain a CT Scan to show she didn't mean the animal cat lol

Great videos! Thanks!


Here it is also (the link I forgot above): []


I forgot the link. I've re-posted with a similar title...


I think capitalism promotes a lack of empathy from it's very foundation. It's based on competition and climbing over others to get to the top. The main goal of business is to "win" and make profit at all costs. Corporations will do whatever it takes to maximize profit and minimize cost. If this includes harming it's workers in one way or another (pay cuts, firings, lack of benefits, etc) then it's acceptable by that model. It's organizational and on an individual basis. Everything is a number to capitalism. There is no room for empathy by it's very nature.

Great commentary!

@Krish55 Thank you!

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