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Dinner prayer

If you’re eating dinner with Christians and they do the whole prayer thing before. Do u join in with ‘em or just start eating?

Dewlivius 4 Aug 22

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I just ignore the prayer, but do not eat until it is over. Simple courtesy.


It doesn't bother me a bit to pretend for a minute while my mind drift away towards sinful lovely things


I try to be polite and let them finish their prayer before I start eating but I'm not joining in, bowing my head, or any of that nonsense.


I try to be respectful toward people. When friends say grace, I quietly look around while their heads are bowed. Teenagers catch my eye and grin.

Friends know I am an atheist. They love and accept me for who I am. The feeling is mutual.


I try to avoid the situation to begin with . Failing that , I wait impatiently , and irritably for them to conclude their invocation .


I wait respectfully, with my eyes open, and my head un-bowed. And silently , I feel my own attitude of gratitude that I have food to eat - as many do not.

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