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Position and acceptance

When we have a position on a certain topic (s) , do we block ourselves from truly being able to listen with objectivity to another persons perspective, and does that position stop us from being able to accept where others our in life and how they live it ?

Outsideit67 7 Aug 23

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I think that one of the sure-fired ways of getting a person to block out another person's point of view is when that person attacks instead of discusses.

Absolutely! Argument in those cases are generally based in fear.


Not any more


Depends on the person. I try to stay open to information and willing to change based on facts presented.

That’s a sound creed to live by, although I find it more plausible for me to listen to my intuition on those matters .


Depends on how firm your position is. Often "yes" to your question. Being open & accepting seems to result in less ignorance & less harm. I like that you are open enough to ask.

I find that as I have become more clear on where I am and why ; I have been able to listen to others with out the need to establish my perspective or validate my position.

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