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Happily single—or not?

I know there are plenty of single people in this community, but I’m curious to know how happy everyone is about being single.
For instance I’m happily single, because I treasure my time alone and my freedom. However, I sometimes miss having a partner to share my day with.
What do you like/not like about being single?

RoadGoddess 7 Jan 19

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Being single sucks!


I enjoy it . . . Except when I don't.


I miss cuddling.


I love being single. Most all of it is by choice. I don't have the time, patience, and don't want the added responsibility of a relationship. The only things I find myself missing are sex, and once in a blue moon I'll wish I had somebody to share an experience with.

I.e - I went to a concert the other weekend and I remember standing there just wishing I had somebody there to share it with. Those instances are rare, but they happen none the less.


I like the freedom of not having to answer to anyone but on the flip side i hate dating cause there is so much deception and lies associated with dating.


I'm alone the past 2 years for the first time in over 25. I was only married for 13 years but had kids in my home for many more. The first winter was very hard. I, like you, have found that I treasure my alone time, my quiet, my freedom. If someone happens upon my path who fits nicely into my world, then that would be lovely. If not, I have friends, family, work and hobbies that keep me busy and happy.

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