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Eating desserts

I'm eating a big slice of carrot cake with a cup of cinnamon coffee to wash it down, what's your favourite dessert and why?

GodlessWahid666 5 Aug 31

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I love me some almond kulfi whenever I go to Indian/Pakistani restaurants in Leeds or Bradford. I can't get enough.


I just realized I hadn't actually answered your question. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. It takes half the day to make but it's always worth it. I can make so many variants such as turtle cheesecake or pumpkin cheesecake. Cheesecake is the best vehicle for getting empty calories into my body.


Carrot cake is so awesome! I usually don't like cake but never turn down carrot cake. Does it have cream cheese icing? I am seriously envious and plotting carrot cake for my near future self.

@GodlessWahid666 Sounds great, is it the same texture? Asking because cream cheese icing got me started thinking about cream cheese and therefor cheesecake.

@GodlessWahid666 I love the flavor of almonds and think this would be an improvement compared to the flavor of cream cheese.


Tiramisu - coffee, booze, chocolate & pastry all in 1 neat package. What's not to love?

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