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(I almost put this under "Silly" ) This is actually painful to watch, & what is really sad is this FE trend seems to be growing!...

phxbillcee 9 Jan 25

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That hurts to watch. I'm referring to watch with my eyes, not a watch I wear on my wrist numb nuts, lol. She is so stupid!


Does this woman feed herself unassissted?


I am unable to watch this. It may cause me to change everything I ever thought I knew.


Wow, just f*ing wow.


Did she say "you think I'm smart" hahaha omg lol thats funny. Um no I don't think you're smart!


Flat Earth in a universe that curves back on itself in all directions becomes a spherical one. So they could be right while still being wrong.

@Bonnie95 if you're dealing with physics it is easy to deny and invent various phenomena. However. Physics is not just the things of our universe. Physics also is the relationships between those things. The relationships are described using mathematical expressions. If you don't understand the mathematics, then anything is possible. Next time that you hear someone making one of these seemingly impossible claims. Ask them to show you the mathematics behind their reasonng. This will help separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

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