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The notion that the world (or society or the human race in general) has reached its hopelessly irreparable nadir is far older than the Jesus cult. The longing for a new age, or epoch, or dawn of enlightenment is in fact an escapist folly pursued by people too ignorant or lazy to seek betterment with the cooperation of others. As far as I can tell, the only "benefit" from doomsday predictions comes when they fall through (again and again!) and the sane people among us can share another chuckle.


Excellent article! One thing this author misses is many fundamentalist churches are "bellowing from the pulpits" a desire...and demand...for the coming of "end times".

Not the song I was looking for (forget the name) but here is one of many such "hymns" you can hear with alarming frequency in such cults...

Here it is. Such a sweet xian girl. 😐


I know I have used this quote here before but as Sam Harris has said: "Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice."


What a great link. Should be compulsory reading for all Christians, especially this bit
" the very first Christian Doomsdayer, Jesus Christ himself, got his own prediction of the end of the world stupendously wrong when he boldly announced: “I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” (Matthew 16:28, Luke 9:27, Mark 9:1). Evidently, the character Jesus wasn’t exactly telling the truth. All those standing there in the story went on to die perfectly normal, entirely non-supernatural deaths, and that leaves the 21st Century Christian in quite a credibility muddle. "

Don't feel let down when a someone is a "no show" for a date. Jesus is almost 2000 years late!


Religion is poison to the brain.


Religions are indeed memes as coined By Richard Dawkins to describe how ideas take root almost like a virus. Those that are popular breed and get spread around, those ideas that are unpopular die. In this respect religions and the ideas there of are memes.

Evidently death in religion is the ultimate meme....


Lovely. I'll begin digging for my bunker tomorrow morning.

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