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MeToo is a right wing witch hunt of which the McCarthyite red scare is its ancestor. The actresses and public figures in this have not proved one accusation that is actually criminal moreover this campaign is being used to settle old scores in hollywood, to further careers and is the fascination of sections of the upper middle class that claim gender, race and sexual orientation are the real dividing lines which is pretty subjective. The fact of the matter is class is the objective dividing line and more and more working class people see in the MeToo campaign that it is sections of the upper middle class that want to advance their career take part. What about due process which the working class fought for for centuries? what about innocent til proven guilty? I'm sorry but the movement you support is as right wing as it gets. []


The article has got a bit too much of a conservative slant ('hysteria?' Really?) but it raises an interesting point amidst its hurr burr war on men drivel, and that's the risk of losing due process and the absolutist nature of the court of public opinion.

its got nothing to do with your so called "hurr burr war on men drivel" the committee of the fourth international is the communist organization that will not divide the working class based on gender, race and sexual orientation but rather unites the working class as the exploited and oppressed class for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism.


Right. Well, this is bullshit. They're comparing apples and oranges in an attempt to dismiss a movement meant to bring attention to a very real and important issue.


Wow, conflating the "metoo" movement with historical cases of blacks being falsely accused of rape or lesser sexual offences agaunst whites. And just how many of the people currently being accused HAVE BEEN DRAGGED INTO THE STREETS AND MURDERED BY MOBS? The WSWS should be ashamed of publishing this blatant defense of rape culture and sexual harrassment in the workplace.

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