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Christopher Hitchens

I’d like to know if you enjoy a good Hitch slap now and then. I sure do miss that guy. Did anyone actually meet him in person?

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CheshireWarcat 5 Sep 23

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Hitchen's was a master of the "cutting retort" and I found him hilarious. He was also a sexist prick though.

A sexist prick? He did more to fight for the rights of women than any sjw or feminist alive. He was an avid defender of women’s rights globally and advocated for education and fair treatment for women especially where they needed it most, in disgusting religions and patriarchies such as the Islamic . Was it his comment that women aren’t funny? Are you an Amy Schumer fan? lol


Great author and intellectual!


Absolute genius!! I've read more by Penn Jillette though.. very entertaining fella! 🙂

Penn is a very interesting person too! I believe he is a fan of Hitchens, Krause and Dawkins as well.

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