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I don't have cable, so I have something called TV app. One channel I get is called The Royal Family Channel. Are people in the UK really interested enough in the Royal Family to have an entire channel devoted to them? What makes Royal descent so suited to running the country? Do you agree?

EllenDale 7 Jan 27

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Correction, the royal family does not "run" our country, parliament does, the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world. I can't believe that people follow Trump on twitter either.


The royal family are just there for the tourists and to sponge.
It's actually been proven with DNA that the bloodline to the thrown actually goes to a family in Australia so strictly speaking they shouldn't even hold the position. Oh, and I also have never heard of this channel. And I won't be looking for it either.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 27, 2018

please send link for DNA proof to Australia


there's this documentary and loads of info online. The current royal family are the descendants of an illegitimate child. It's been well researched, published and documented.

@Dav87 thanks


Did not even know The Royal Family Channel Existed. Now that I do, I have not rushed to access it. Enough said?


they are the worst spongers in Britain. they are something from the past that just doesn't belong here now. the kings and queens did use to rule and even head into battles but they do fuck all but shake hands and open new buildings now for an unbelievable amount. they are the most seen, most coveted but least known about inbreds we have and don't need.

no, the worst spongers in Britain are the lazy "I've got twelve kids and on benefits" baby daddy gone fucking cunts, who contribute nothing to society but criminal offspring

the royals have millions spent on each one of them. 12 kids? well, thats partly your fault.


I've lived in the UK my entire life, but I've never even heard of that channel. However, I'm the sort of Brit who thinks "FFS! It's the 21st Century - why do we still have these medieval throwbacks!" whenever I see any royal in the news.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 27, 2018

??? I have satellite and digital TV through an ariel (includes subscription channels to keep the old man happy) and I have never heard of the Royal family Channel.

There is quite an interest shown in the royals, some papers and news programmes more gossip biased than others.

The next bit is where my cognitive dissonance kicks in. I am a socialist and find inherited privilege contrary to my values and political leaning. However. Queen Elizabeth 2 is a superb ambassador for our country, as I am sure Charles and William will be in their turn. She has been a consistent head of state and the heritage of our royals brings in tourists and money. Yes, the royal family's upkeep is subsidised by the UK taxpayers, but would an elected head of state cost us any less and who would we end up with? Whist other heads of state have swung between left and right, dull and controversial (Putin and Trump?) we have had a neutral ambassador who is respected around the world.
In theory, all laws have to be agreed by the monarch and our troops answer to the Queen and not parliament, so in theory a government could not pass laws which would remove democracy or stage a military coup. In practice however.... ...who knows?


There are people in Britain that love the roya family. Im not one of them. I don't read our tabloid newspapers but im pretty sure the royals feature in them probably every day. So it doesnt suprise me that there is a channel devoted to stories about them. There are channels devoted to pretty much everything else.
What makes royal descent suited to running a country? Nothing in my opinion but equally they don't run the country. Our country, like yours, is run by politicians on behalf of big business. The Royals are just another form of celebrity used to distract us

👍 Our leaders used to run the country on behalf of big business and we thought it was such a terrible focus. Then we got this drumpf! He runs the country on behalf of his own businesses at the expense of the American taxpayor! He hasn't drained the swamp, he IS the swamp. He mentions what official business he will be conducting in his own businesses well ahead of time, he pushed through a tax plan claiming it benbefitted the middle class, when every economist decried it as self-serving. He's a sexual predator that we can't wait to see get his just desserts. Even his own wife ditched him for a Florida vacation! What a loser! He'll get impeached, but thst only means He's accused of something illegal. Doesn't mean he will be found guilty! Pig that he is. On a lighter note, thanks for answering this question. It's hard to tell from across the sea whether they are figure heads or useful.

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