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LINK Christian Author Defends Kavanaugh: The Bible Says It’s Not Rape If The Woman Doesn’t Scream For Help

Doesn't really matter what the bible says... it only matters wha the secular laws say!

He evidently didnt' listen to the testimony. She did scream, and he covered her mouth so she wouldn't be heard.

snytiger6 9 Oct 1

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The Quaran says the same thing.....guess I'll have to convert back.........


Glad I'm not mute.


These throwbacks are as dangerous as Muslims who want to replace law with Sharia.


Is it murder if she’s suffocated in the attempt to scream..?

Varn Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

In the times in which the bible was written it ws sort of OK to forcibly take a woman's virtue, as long as you made restitution to the man she belonged to. Killing her would be a different story, unless it was done by the man she belonged to, than ti was OKI. At the tiem in which the bible was written women (and children) were considered to be "property" owned by the man.

@snytiger6 wow…

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