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The real deal.

Who's up to get to know each other!?

Army_Strong90 2 Oct 1

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Okay. You start.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

Next time, please don't write a novel.


That happens organically in discussions here and via your profile. Best to post on specific topics in the appropriate categories. Take it slow.

I see that you own a moving company. I was dispatcher / traffic manager for a moving company and emergency freight hauler many decades ago. I was once chased down the stairs by a fireproof filing cabinet that got loose from its dolly. The guy who ran from it along with me, didn't quite make it. I don't think his back was ever right after that. As I recall, workman's comp premiums were brutal, some of the highest anywhere. That's probably one thing that hasn't changed in 40 years.

Anyway, welcome.




Gosh, I'm not sure we would like each other at all!

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