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Just found this on Reddit and I think I'm going to have a stroke from pure rage.

OpposingOpposum 9 Jan 29

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Among the things that anger me about this ,the major one is that "Jesus" is actually all about whether or not you CHOOSE to follow him. Free will is a major point of the theology. So not only is this jackass a rape apologist, they obviously do not understand the main points of the fucking religion they so "devoutly" espouse. They need a wake up call, maybe with a shovel to the face.


You can't lead thirsty cattle away from poisoned water, unless you have a watering hole yourself. There are states in the U.S. That still forces the role of a woman to be submissive to the penis of a man (I am uncomfortable with this very-true description).


Gosh that was really smart and thought provoking, so now lets talk about free will......and while we are at it the marginalization of rape.....

The problem is that you can't talk to people who think this way. You can reason with them all day and get nowhere.

@Blindbird This may be true in most cases. For me, I wish I had had someone to teach me rational thought, I had to learn it on my own. Now that the internet is available I have to learn from kids, on youtube!!!!! I don't mind as long as I learn. My point is there are at least some that will listen and be affected even if they don't admit it. This is why i am so vocal.

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